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So happy and in love

Thank you we been together 10months now :) Happy in Love,,, because of this website SALAMAT PO sa TEAM Filipino Cupid


It took some work and about two years of dating but we are now due to marry!

Dear Filipino Cupid, Thanks for a wonderful experience. It took some work and about 2 years of dating but my fiance' and I finally connected and we are now due to marry. I know that I speak for both of us in saying that we couldn't be happier! Thanks again!


Love is so amazing! Everything is all worth waiting!

Love is so amazing! Everything is all worth waiting! We love each other so much! Its answered prayer. Thank you for helping us to find each other. God bless to everyone here and hope they will find their love soon.Thank you so much!! Chris&Jovie with love


She's sweet, caring, loyal, and I treasure her more than all the riches in the universe

Thank you so much Filipino Cupid. I met the most wonderful woman in the world. She is sweet, caring, loyal, and I treasure her more than all the riches in the universe. We will be married in one week, here in the states. Our Visa is complete. I never dreamed when I joined, that in 1 year I would be walking down the aisle with the woman of my dreams.


We live here now in the island of Falkland and we are happy

thanks to filipina cupid,i found my husband here.. it was last 2009 when i ist met my husband in this site , it was just a fun for me coz i had been talking to him over a week but never saw his cam as he was shy , becoz he consider his self as ugly one hehhee, it was funny and was also thinking he might also hiding for his personality but still i continue chatting to him but talking to him i find him nice a person but doesnt assure of that, but still přečtěte si více >> had the feeling he was an easy guy to talk, laugh and share ideas that makes me more interesting to know him more and last he show me his cam which is quite funny coz the cam were blurred make him more funny to look with.. but showing some of his pics i was convinced its him , untill we become a lover in this site and he asked me to come to falkland island without any doubt i say yes and process my papers and fly to falkland island which is the british teritory, but on my ist flight i was stucked in the phil.airport becoz they questioned me of my return ticket as i am only holding a tourist visa, so wasnt able to fly i was very dissapointed by that time , i have to wait for a week again to get return ticket that my husband processed,. but finally i get my flight on 2nd time but was scared i might stucked again, fingers crossed i met him 3 days after flying it was a long journey for me, and i lived wth him over a year until we decided to get marry coz we make sure we really loved each other, but living with him everyday answer my question a very loving and understanding guy which we have many common likes ,, except for the seafoods which he dont like at all which is my favorite,, hehehhe,, and we engaged last dec 2010 and we get married last sept 25,2011,, which is a very funny and happy day for us... and we lived here now in falkland almost 2 years now and happy,, we decided to go holiday next year march 2012 in surigao city phils.. my home town...yepeey << chyba


We’re not perfect but our love made us together perfectly

I would love to share our love story to everyone, to inspire everybody that Fairytales do come true. I met the man of my dreams, Philip, from this site last year (oct.2010). I was working in Saudi so we're not be able to meet until I get home. For a year of being apart, we patiently made our relationship work. We communicated thru emails, snail mails, videocalls (which we do every day! wondering if Skype got tired of us..hahaha),and phone calls. přečtěte si více >> That was the time when we started to realize that PATIENCE is truly a virtue; that nothing is possible with love; and that distance makes a heart grow fonder. We counted each single day that passed. We never forgot to keep in touch, just like we were together. We PRAYED, we HOPED, we MADE it POSSIBLE. After 1 year of waiting for the RIGHT place and time to be with each other, I went home here in the Philippines. He then visited me and my whole family for 3 weeks. It was a lot of fun, a lot of joyful memories of finally being together. I never doubted his love and loyalty. I would want to shout to the whole world how happy I am for having him. He’s one of a kind; a kind of man a woman would dream to have. We’re not perfect but our love made us together perfectly. I will be with him again in a couple of days. And soon we will ONE in God’s blessing. Thank you Filipinocupids. I was lucky to enter your site and met him there before it was banned from Saudi . May you’ll be blessed more with Lord’s grace. And to everybody who’s still looking for their soulmates, keep believing with love, be true to yourselves, and pray for it. Love knows no boundaries, wherever in this universe you’re at. << chyba


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